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A Group of People Recorded On Video Some Restricted Parts of Area 51

A tour bus appears to achieve what other people want to do when touring top secret Area 51 military facility. Tourists and the bus driver went extra mile when they passed through the line and entered the prohibited area of the base.

The driver and his passengers learned a lesson or two about how strict is the security of Area 51. The entire incident was caught on video.

Since Area 51 became known to the public, even before the government officially recognized it, many people have crossed to the restricted area. Some did it on purpose but only to be quickly prevented to go further by military men. However, this could be the first one that the unplanned intrusion was entirely recorded on video. The incident almost ended the operation of the tour company where the driver has been employed.

Area 51 started to get wide attention in 1989 when news reports on classified or secret projects at the Nevada base came out and UFO seekers, media and aviation watchers flocked to the area. The military has been claiming that the facility is where classified military projects have been tested and stored, so high security is normally imposed. However, UFO or alien life believers think that something more than what is official claimed has been going on the military facility, such as reverse engineering of alien technology and alien experimentation.

The facility is known to be surrounded by motion detectors, high-tech cameras, and security personnel as well as the most visible warning signs, which inform that deadly force is authorized. The signs are usually the favorite stops of guided tourists for picture takings.

Donna Tryon, co-owner of Adventure Photo Tours, says that their standard tour includes stops at the Little A’le’inn, the ET highway sign and the very edge of the facility.

Tryon says that they ensure to inform the passengers about the restricted area of Area 51 and if they insist to go over the line, they will be in their own.

However, on May 28 their driver Denis Ryan unintentionally crossed over the line with his four passengers and their entire journey behind the line was recorded inside and out. The video shows the driver and the passengers enjoying talking while on the road towards the edge of Area 51.

Ryan appeared to be out of focus when entertaining question about sports books from one of his passengers. He did not notice that they already passed the warning signs.

After around 45 seconds, Ryan started to wonder of not seeing the cammo dudes. In less than two minutes after passing the boundary line, the passengers informed him that a white truck was right on their back.

The man in full military getup came out from the passenger side with full automatic rifle. Ryan says that the military men told him that he had crossed the line and trespassed on a military facility.

Inside the vehicle, the passenger tourists thought it was just part of the tour wherein actors playing their part. Later, the tourists realized that it was no act after Ryan apologized and said that those were the Men in Black. Ryan and his passengers were then cited for trespassing and given court dates. The estimated fine would be $650 each and a misdemeanor conviction.

Upon knowing, co-owner Will Tryon asked help from Dan Hogue of Lincoln County District Attorney to get the passengers out from the case to prevent issuance of a bench warrant of the passengers.

Fortunately, when the DA knew about the video and found out that it was not intentional, it decided to drop the charges against the passengers, but the driver has to pay and the video on the van’s forward camera should be kept out of the public. Driver Denis Ryan is now barred for a minimum of two years.

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Some Questions on Mysteries in Area 51 Can Be Answered by the Two Spectacular Events

If Area 51, Groom Lake, Spy planes, CIA sound intriguing, then the areas to be at the moment are the Atomic Testing Museum and UNLV.

Both institutions are presenting activities that will place a few of the individuals in back of the creation of U-2, SR-71 and A-12 spy planes in contact with the public to speak regarding the declassified factors of the United States’ black projects in Area 51 that brought the country an advantage during the Cold War.

blackbird Some Questions on Mysteries in Area 51 Can Be Answered by the Two Spectacular EventsThe events start at 9 a.m. at the Atomic Testing Museum, 755 E. Flamingo Road, where Roadrunners Internationale historian Peter Merlin will talk about the background of the top secret construction on the Groom Dry Lake bed, 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Entrance is $20 per person. The program, “Area 51: Secret Projects,” commences the countdown to the March introduction of the first museum exhibit on Area 51.

Some other discussions are “The Blackbird Engine Challenge” at 10 a.m.; “Autopilot and Guidance Systems for the A-12, 11 a.m.; “Flying the U-2 and A-12″ by Tony Bevacqua and Frank Murray, noon; “Rainbow to Gusto: Stealth and the Design of the Lockheed Blackbird,” 1 p.m.; Merlin revisiting Area 51 history at 2 p.m.; and retired CIA radar expert T.D. Barnes discussing about “The MiGs of Area 51″ at 3 p.m.

Barnes and fellows then will go over to UNLV to reinforce a free of cost program at 7:30 p.m. in the Science and Engineering Building Auditorium. The program, “Archangel: CIA’s Supersonic A-12 Reconnaissance Aircraft,” boasts CIA historian David Robarge.

The program is part of the Dean’s Conversation Series backed by industry leaders Tronox and Timet Inc., the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering and the UNLV History Department.
Local aerospace leader Roger Andersen, who worked as the CIA-Air Force support pilot and operations officer, will be out there to answer queries. (c) 2011

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