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Area 51 Is Officially Acknowledged But Not UFOs

A report by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has disclosed that over 50 percent of the unidentified flying objects (UFOs) usually witnessed above the ground in the late 1950s and 1960s were US spy planes.

According to a report published by Dayton Daily News, the U-2 and SR-71 spy planes were thought as UFOs over half of the time during Project Blue Book.

David MacDonald, executive director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), said that for sure a lot of the sightings are terrestrial aircraft, classified military projects or whatever terrestrial objects.

The CIA report also officially acknowledged the existence of Area 51, a US airbase known to house extra-terrestrial technology and alien beings.

Area 51 is located in central Nevada, just 90 miles north of Las Vegas. According to the CIA report, the site was used for testing U-2 spy plane. It was chosen to be the site for the testing after the CIA and Air Force staff did a survey.

After World War II people were more concerned of the flying objects they saw in Area 51 because they did not have an idea of what they were.

Historian at National Museum of the US Air Force, Jeffrey Underwood, said that other UFO sightings turned out to be surveillance balloons in the atmosphere of the Earth.

The U-2 often spotted high above airliners in the 1950s because it can fly more than 70,000 feet. The same with SR-71 Blackbird which can fly more than 80,000 feet, according to the recently released CIA report.

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The Area 51: The OXCART project

Area 51

The Area 51 is the most top secret US military base installed at the southern part of the Nevada State, USA. Its existence is buried in secrecy and the U.S. Government kept affirming that the military site is used for testing US aircraft. However, many speculations have emerged alluding that aliens were being isolated beneath the Area 51. It is just 100 miles from Las Vegas and surrounded by other Air Force military base and an abandoned nuclear testing grounds. None has ever entered the facility unless a person has its authority. The base is extremely isolated that if anyone dared to come across the fence shall be killed. Sign boards illustrating the restriction can be seen at the perimeter. No one inside is allowed to disclose anything they have seen.

The facility Area 51 has been a holy grail for conspiracy theorists. UFOlogist asserted that the Pentagon ordered scientists in Area 51 to conduct reverse engineering to extraterrestrial spacecraft, like flying saucers, and preserving aliens for Biological study. Residents in the U.S. believed that Area 51 is connected to other underground bases installed throughout the country through tunnels.

In 2001, a popular TV show titled Today Show hosted by Katie Couric broadcasts that 7 percent of the Americans doubted the first moon landing occurred in the Nevada dessert. X-files enthusiasts strongly believed that the truth was in Area 51 but concealed in secrecy. Recent Google satellite image of Area 51 regarding the Strangelove esque hangars where also denied by the U.S. Government.

People know that the truth is out there but no one ever tried to justify the dispute concerning Area 51′s secret activity. However, 5 brave men emerged and claimed to have worked in Area 51 disclosing several activities done in Area 51. They are Colonel Hugh “Slip” Slater, an 87-year-old man who was a commander at Area 51 in the 1960s. Edward Lovick, a 90-year-old man who was allocated in radar testing department for the world’s most famous aircraft (including the U-2, the A-12 OXCART and the F-117) for three decades and was featured in “What Plane?” in LA’s March issue, Kenneth Collins, and 80-year-old man who was a CIA experimental test pilot and received a silver star. Thornton “T.D.” Barnes, a 72-year-old man was a special-projects engineer in Area 51. And Harry Martin, a 77-year-old man who was one of the men in charge of the base’s half-million-gallon monthly supply of spy-plane fuels.

Collins, on May 24, 1963, flew and maneuvered Area 51′s top secret spy plane OXCART that was built by the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation. Unfortunately, while he was flying through Utah, the aircraft flipped, lose control and crashed. However, luckily survived but dropped into a field of weeds. In 2008, Collins was having his hot coffee in San Fernando Valley when suddenly a group of men came and took him into the van. “Three guys came driving toward me in a pickup. I saw they had the aircraft canopy in the back. They offered to take me to my plane.” said Collins. “I told them not to go near the aircraft. I said it had a nuclear weapon on-board.” he added. The story fit right into the Cold War backdrop of the day, as many atomic tests took place in Nevada. Spooked, the men drove Collins to the local highway patrol. The CIA disguised the accident as involving a generic Air Force plane, the F-105, which is how the event is still listed in official records.

The men who picked Collins were tracked down and were asked to sign national security nondisclosure. Collins was asked to take truth serum as part of his debriefing and to successfully remember the plane crash incident on May 24. 1963. “They wanted to see if there was anything I’d for-gotten about the events leading up to the crash.” said Collins. “Late Sunday, three CIA agents brought me home. One drove my car; the other two carried me inside and laid me down on the couch. I was loopy from the drugs. They handed Jane the car keys and left without saying a word.” he added.

After Collins’s OXCART incident, CIA pilots had been flying spy plane over Area 51 for 8 years to prevent the facility of testing nuclear weapons for warfare. Aerial strategy was the most typical effort CIA had done during that time while the U.S. Government ordered Area 51 to build bomb shelters for the best of the country’s defensive power over Soviet Union.

“It wasn’t always called Area 51,” said Lovick, a physicist who developed stealth technology in Area 51. Lovick superior Clarence L. “Kelly” Johnson who was a legendary aircraft designer entitled the place as a Paradise Ranch to encourage the facility’s personnel and staff to leave their families to give their best shot in science and technology as part of their contribution in the country against terrorism. “Test pilot Tony LeVier found the place by flying over it,” said Lovick. “It was a lake bed called Groom Lake, selected for testing because it was flat and far from anything. It was kept secret because the CIA tested U-2s there.” he added.

Area 51 plane 300x224 The Area 51: The OXCART project

Titanium A-12 spy-plane

When Frances Gary Powers was shot down over Sverdlovsk, Russia, in 1960, the U-2 program lost its cover. But the CIA already had Lovick and some 200 scientists, engineers and pilots working at Area 51 on the A-12 OXCART, which would outfox Soviet radar using height, stealth and speed.

Colonel Slater came to action during the Vietnam War and maneuvered the OXCART as part of his mission. “I was recruited for the Area after working with the CIA’s classified Black Cat Squadron, which flew U-2 missions over denied territory in Mainland China. After that, I was told, ‘You should come out to Nevada and work on something interesting we’re doing out there.” said Col. Slater while having his Cuban meat and cheese sandwich at the Bahama restaurant.

Col. Slater accounted himself as a fighter pilot from his heart. In World War II, he fulfilled 84 missions, and working in Area 51 was a great call and opportunity for him. “When I learned about this Mach-3 aircraft called OXCART, it was completely intriguing to me–this idea of flying three times the speed of sound! No one knew a thing about the program. I asked my wife, Barbara, if she wanted to move to Las Vegas, and she said yes. And I said, ‘You won’t see me but on the weekends,’ and she said, ‘That’s fine!’ “ said Col. Slater while having his dinner with her wife Barbara.

“We couldn’t have told you any of this a year ago,” said Slater to the interviewer. “Now we can’t tell it to you fast enough.” Slater knew that in 2007, CIA has been declassifying the 50-year-old OXCART program. Recently, there are many people accounted to have seen the information about the program.

Barnes married his wife when he was 17 and her wife Doris was 16 at that time. At the young age, he couldn’t financially support his wife. He looked for a job and became an electronics wizard. He buys bricked televisions sets, radio and other electronics and fixed them to work again. To earn money, he sells all those bricked electronics he had fixed five times the original price. His eyes have already seen the poverty of life in Texas, which made sturdy in his journey of life. He had partaken the Korean War, there he played a significant role. When he was 22 years old, he demonstrated an uncanny aptitude for radar and Nike missiles systems. From that, CIA has been looking for him because the organization knew that Barnes has something to contribute for the U.S. Government, especially in the OXCART project. When he reached 30, he was part of the nuclear secret project.

“The agency located each guy at the top of a certain field and put us together for the programs at Area 51,” said Barnes. “Our special-projects group was the most classified team since the Manhattan Project,” he added.

Harry Martin, a person who specializes in Fuel and once worked in Air Force, no doubt why CIA called him for duty. He undergone psychological and physical test to ensure that he could still work and contribute to the OXCART program. His family was relocated to Nevada after Martin passed CIA’s initiation for a reason that the OXCART needs to be fueled most of the time. He admitted that he had been to Area 51 for several times for quality control check and refueling the spy plane. “My wife took one look at me in these arctic boots and this big hooded coat, and she knew not to ask where I was going.” said Martin.

Therefore, urban folklores, speculations and myths are merely not connected to what’s really happening in Area 51. Collins, Lovick, Slater, Barnes and Martin deliberately disclosed about the OXCART without dread. This only shows that allegation from conspiracy theorists, personnel and staffs in Area 51 are not allowed to disclose anything, are false and no truth, and that folklores circulating around the world were only spun from threads of fact.

Regarding the so-called allegation of “Reverse Engineering” to extraterrestrial spacecraft, Barnes affirmed that the facility Area 51 had conducted reverse engineering several times but not to those extraterrestrial spacecraft but on to those Soviet MiG Fighter Jet. However, concerning the underground tunnels that many people accounted to be true, he confirmed that underground tunnels do exist and, they connect underground bases but not throughout the U.S. He was allocated to a project named NERVA, code-name of nuclear rocket project, which he confirmed that it was installed beneath the Jackass Flats in Area 51′s backyard. “Three test-cell facilities were connected by railroad, but everything else was underground,” said Barnes.

When talking about the conspiracy theory that alluded that Pentagon has been capturing alien spacecraft, the 5 men agreed that OXCART looks like an extraterrestrial spacecraft when maneuvered. OXCART was designed to convey vast quantity of fuel to other bases, and it is indeed a disc-shape aircraft. Its exterior is made of titanium metal and when it reaches its speed at 2, 000 plus mph, it would reflect the sun’s rays that made eyewitnesses thought of a UFO flying.

Slater laughed after knowing that many people believed they had sighted a UFO. In all 2, 850 OXCART test flight since it was made, he couldn’t imagine how many people believed that they saw a Flying Saucer in the open sky flying. “That’s a lot of UFO sightings!” said Slater. “When they’d land in California, they’d be met by FBI agents who’d make them sign nondisclosure forms.” he added. Because of this case, the U.S. Air Force was forced to open the project Blue Book when UFO lore began circulating. Blue Book allows anyone to report their UFO sightings within the Nevada State.

However, only few Air Force officials understood the OXCART, though, it was a joint CIA/USAF project and, UFO sighting from nearby residents caused the Air Force to issue internal military alarms. Some Air Force generals presumed that Russia has been sending stealth craft to America’s open sky to incite paranoia and create widespread panic of alien invasion. As of now, Air Force’s Blue Book has reached 37 cubic feet (74, 000 pages) of case files concerning UFO sightings and currently isolated in the National Archives.

Unfortunately, the Project Blue Book was closed-in in 1969, just years after the OXCART project was shut down. Since Blue Book has no longer in service, recent activities in Area 51 would take another 40 years to disclose and, eyewitnesses are not allowed to file a report of such sightings.

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