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Paranormal Report: Area 51

Are 51 was a site known for making aircrafts and testing warfare technologies in Nevada. Most of the people also believed that Area 51 is not just testing and building aircraft but it also involves in extraterrestrial communication, UFO cloning and the worst thing is that it hides alien bodies. Area 51 remains mysterious even the US government says they have nothing.

In 1996, the most convincing display in Nevada was the extended highway dedication ceremony and not the Mirage Casino’s exploding pina colada-fragranced volcano nor the Siegfried and Roy show inside. The State Route 375 was approved by Nevada’s Transportation Board to name a harmonious roadway that passed through the small town of Rachel and subsequent towns in February of the same year. In Los Angeles Times magazine, it was featured that the Board heard a supportive testimony from a local resident name Merlin who claimed he was born on a flying saucer.

In April, the Governor’s office was invited to participate on 20th Century Fox Independence day movie that was about to release on summer. The film was first previewed at a megaplex of Las Vegas housing. After the preview, while the audience started to avert, Merlin showed and move towards to Jeff Goldblum who was present on the event and one the Independence Day cast. Merlin then handed a piece of paper to the actor that contains a message that saying “tourists from Alpha Centauri would land on the newly renamed highway in three years”. On the next day, a monument was revealed in Rachel according to a writer David Darlington – Elvics Presley impersonator, state legislator who dressed like Darth Vader and other Independence Day representative were there to witness the monument. A time capsule was laid underneath the monument that was planned to open by 2050. “By which time interplanetary visitors shall be regular guests of our planet Earth.”

Area 513 300x250 Paranormal Report: Area 51The new name of the Route 375 was known as Extraterrestrial Highways and whereas it attracts tourists from distant places. After X-files passed from an article zeitgeist to one of nostalgia, a Japanese couple were visiting the blustery road hoping for an alien souvenir and caught by a New York Times correspondent. They have never seen Merlin, or Merlin did not showed up. Merlin died in 2011, her body was found on the side of Carson River near the state capital of Carson City. Her 1976 Chevrolet Monte Carlo was never recovered – she uses her car to wander highways of Nevada and also her home.

Merlin was also a member of American Southwest subcultures (which are now decreasing) which were involved on an Unidentified Flying Object sightings in Roswell, Mexico last 1947. The issue started when the Berlin Wall came down with UFO enthusiast roaming the Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada. In November 1998, a man was interviewed on a Las Vegas television station named Bob Lazar and was aired throughout US that claims of UFO sightings on a military base located somewhere in the dessert. The allegations portrayed the identity of the sites which caused it to reveal the existence of various places such as Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, Groom Lake, Watertown, and Area 51 – they have broke the secrecy oath after confirming such places.

The Independence Day movie portrayed the Area 51 as a building and testing site including research laboratory for extraterrestrial technologies. Their activity that engages extraterrestrial researches was the most popular secret of Area 51 even though the government denies the accusations. Considering some factors, Area 51 conserves the secrecy of the site as it conducts dangerous activities, exposed to hazardous chemicals and linked to other secret arteries. Both Annie Jacobsen and Trevor Paglen suggest us to consume the site’s constant and propagating secrecy as well as its consequences to rid us from a shocking and expedient distractions created by our own thoughts.

A US Air Force representative wrote a letter in 1998 stating that, “there is an operating location near Groom Dry Lake.” Groom Dry Lake was located within the Government’s vast land in Southern Nevada – it was also an extent of geographical information that source out the government to unveil about the Area 51. To be exact, Groom Dry Lake is salty area that was surrounded by a ledge of mountains located near the north east corner of the Nevada National Security Site. The Nevada National Security Site is a former Nevada Test Site that was responsible of over 1, 000 nuclear explosions for testing purposes since 1951 to 1992. The Nevada Test and Training Range are managed by the Air Force while toxics and crater-riddled realms are managed by the Department of Energy. The range contains ‘box’ of restricted airspace, lake at the centre, runways and other facilities from Area 51 compound.

Paglen depicts Groom Lake as a bump of dissemination and was linked worldwide archipelago of clandestine American sites while Jacobsen treats Area 51 as a vital factor of the extended functions of global military and aerial intelligence operations in the Cold war and the War on Terror. According to Paglen that Area 51 was a kind of Global City and it is like a world’s financial capital that is difficult to understand or incomprehensible. Paglen and Jacobsen shares the same idea of historical ground zero like the Manhattan Project & its creation of what Richard Rhodes and The Making of the Atomic Bomb (1986) – Separate, Secret State with Separate Sovereignty. The AEC or Atomic Energy Commission was generated by the Manhattan project and in 1950’s, a poisonous burgeon clouds were released by the AEC which was bordering the Area 51 – the Restricted Data continues to cover up Nevada.

The Nuclear program was said to be liable for the conjecture of the “born classified” – certain technologies and forms of information. An anthropologist Joseph Masco argues the government consideration of conserving the secrecy of Area 51 ever since the World War II and giving exemption on any environmental violation, “to manage the public/secret divide through the mobilization of threat.” Logically speaking, any state secret is like a typical atomic secret – exposing the secret needs a national cooperation.

The broad “uncensored history” by Jacobsen arrived earlier this year concerning the nonstop controversy. The most continuous declaration was the evidences of an experimental Soviet flying craft including genetically modified humans recovered in 1947 by the Military from Roswell. The aviators including their space craft were relocated to Area 51 and undergone experimentation and research for almost decades according to one of Jacobsen’s informants. Though Jacobsen has prioritized a form of sourced reportage that throngs out crucial indication, still her research including her interviews with former Area 51 employees deserves recommendation. She also appends clarity to the story of a place that has a terribly emaciated public history. Jacobsen’s book is frequently appealing and occasionally jaw-dropping, even as it features hyperbolic and recurring prose, frustratingly insufficient references and editorial falls.

Thought Area 51 was involved in any accusations, the government still conserves the reputation of the site as it continues to create and test modern warfare technologies. We cannot deny the fact that even employees from Area 51 testify that there are unusual or something that are secret happened within the area and claims of injuries, none of them succeed and Area 51 still operates.

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Conspiracy Theories and UFO Myths Surrounding Area 51

Area 51 is a military facility located in Lincoln County, Nevada. Many people are curious about the facility maybe because there is not a lot information on it. The government said that the base is a testing ground of experimental aircraft and weapon systems. However, many people who do not believe what the government declared about the base.

The attempt of the government to cover-up the existence of the place and various reports on UFO or alien related phenomena cause it to become the major subject of conspiracy theories and UFO stories.

Area 513 Conspiracy Theories and UFO Myths Surrounding Area 51There are reports that the facility is an alien spacecraft storage where crashed UFOs are experimented to have reverse engineering of the alien technology that can be used in developing new war aircraft. Moreover, development of deadly weapons based on alien technology, said to be more powerful than today’s weapon, is also suspected.
Conspiracy theorists further believe that the government captured living aliens and authorities try to investigate them while dead aliens are also examined. There are also reports that Area 51 was the shooting place of the entire moon landing in 1969. Many people also think the most secret activities in Area 51 were transferred to another place, and Area 51 is just a misdirection attempt.

Among the major people who surfaced to reveal the secret activities of Area 51 is Bob Lazar. He claimed that he had worked at the military base known as S-4. He said that S-4 is the specific area of Area 51 where reverse engineering on spaceships is done. There were many other self-proclaimed former worker in Area 51 had surfaced after Bob Lazar including Dan Crain, who claimed to have worked on cloning alien viruses and a man named Victor, who showed a video tape of alien interrogation at Area 51.

Past CIA Workers Talk about Work at Area 51

Area 51 is one of the most controversial places in the world and probably the most secretive. What comes at the popular military facility over 80 miles north of Las Vegas remains there — until it is no longer classified.
People who once worked and served their nation at Area 51 took to the stage at UNLV in the night of October 4th, 2011.

A few years before, one could not say something regarding Area 51 at all, according to Roger Anderson, an operations official & support pilot for the CIA and U.S. Air Force. He added that it was pretty hard, since they had families that were living in Las Vegas.

The people discussing at UNLV are experts of the A-12 program in the 1960s, which engineeredArea 512 Past CIA Workers Talk about Work at Area 51 the CIA’s supersonic spy airplane.

CIA pilot Frank Murray depicted that the A-12 plane was – at the time it was assembled and flying – the speediest object available. There is still nothing as fast as that plane that breathes air in its motors.
Retired Special Projects engineer T.D. Barnes cited the UFO phenomenon at Area 51, which is situated at Groom Lake.

He said that they flew 2,850 missions out of Groom Lake with the A-12 and revealed that those missions did not officially exist; this accounted for many UFO sightings during that time. They would leave a quite heavy sonic boom, and the Navy at Fallon took the blame.

The superb thoughts at Area 51 also had a few laughs at the expense of spying Russians.
Barnes revealed that they would draw a design of certain kind of exotic plane out on the tarmac. He continued that just as satellites were coming over, they had place a few shop heaters in the rear of it – similar to the engine – give it a heat signature to make them believe they had anything ridiculous out there.
CIA chief historian Dr. David Robarge also came into the panel.

He disclosed that they were not authorized to speak regarding it for several years, and that seems to produce conspiracy theories and many of fantastical reports. According to Robarge that in several ways, the reality is both more appealing and less intriguing than the fiction that created around it.

The government gone to amazing measures to notify its Area 51 staff of their top secret project. Anderson claimed he waited many months for his orders. He finally had gotten them in 1965, when he was informed to report to a trailer park off Boulder Highway.

While these experienced persons opened up regarding their experiences at Area 51, the stories of flying saucers and unattainable events are most likely to live on. (c) 2011

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Area 51 Conspiracy Theories

Dusty air base isolated in the desert of Las Vegas with 24-hour guards on duty found a place which considered full of secrets. This place is known as Area 51 and the public have various conspiracy theories involving the place. Various hypotheses were discussed by different sites, books, television programs and many more.

Area 51 Area 51 Conspiracy TheoriesThe book “Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base,” by Annie Jacobsen made a stir to a lot of UFO conspiracy theories enthusiasts. It explores the story of the men who made and tried out secret Cold War reconnaissance aircraft at Groom Lake. The author claims she interviewed 74 people and 32 of them worked and lived on Area 51 base. Majority of them was associated to Roadrunners Internationale, the alumni association of Groom Lake pilots, mechanics, engineers and the like.
President at Roadrunners and a radar expert T.D. Barnes, former U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonels Francis J. Murray and Roger W. Andersen were unhappy on how Jacobsen presented her information on Area 51 in her book.

The criticism of Roadrunner s centers on UFO conspiracy theory which they believe made the widely known story on flying saucer crash in Roswell in 1947 tame. The conclusion made by Jacobsen in her book on Area 51 is that the proposed remaining parts of crashed UFO, which was taken by the government to Area 51 to cover up the incident, was not coming from extraterrestrial beings. Instead the author put in her book that the object was a flying saucer made and designed by the Soviets applying the technology they got during the end of World War II from the German engineers. Additionally, according to her anonymous source, the craft was piloted by human teenagers medically altered to appear like extraterrestrial beings.

Based on what Jacobsen wrote in her book, there is a rising question on the probability that teenagers were made like aliens. The question centers on who would do such thing to children. The flying saucer was made by German aeronautical engineers Reimar and Walter Horten, according to Jacobsen. The Horten brothers built a series of advanced all-wing aircraft during and before the war. The Area 51 author writes the possibility that the brothers made a more advanced craft during that time and the Soviets stole their blueprints. She cites postwar German sources who depicted and even outlined a rounded craft. (c) 2011

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