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Area 51 is a remote military base detachment located in the southern part of Nevada in the western United States and 90 miles away north-northwest of downtown Las Vegas. Area 51 has been known primarily as a secretive and mysterious place that may or may had not used by the government to hide the alien lives.area 51 300x238 In a book, Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base, written by Los Angeles Times investigative Journalist Annie Jacobsen, defined Area 51 as a riddle. With the summary of the book states that: “Very few people comprehend what goes on there, and millions want to know.” She states that Area 51 is not a place of “advanced espionage” and “war fighting systems,” nor is it the “underworld of aliens and captured UFOs.”

Jacobsen reveals the truth by using seventy-four sources based on nineteen men who once work on the base including the military and intelligence personnel ranging from scientists, to pilots and engineers. According to the multiple sources, these people worked there for decades. Jacobsen also add that there was no alien aircrafts involved but rather a Nazi Soviet Spy Plane. Josef Stalin that believes to involved in alien mystery designed planes using the capture Nazi aircrafts and as pat of a plan, he sent the modified aircraft to crash it on Nevada desert. According to Jacobsen the truth simple is,“America’s most famous secret federal facility was set up in order to advance military science and technology.”

Until now, nobody can tell us Area 51 really exist but there are recent claims that will convince you supporting with proof about the base. 1989, Bob Lazar, claimed that he worked at Papoose Lake on such a government flying saucer. A documentary entitled Dreamland in 1996 interviews a 71 year old mechanical engineer who also claimed to worked at Area 51 during 1950s, claimed that during his career with the base, he used to worked with the extraterrestrial being whose name was “J-Rod” described as telephonic translator.

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Area 51 History & Secrets Are Revealed on the book by Annie Jacobsen

The book “Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base,” by Annie Jacobsen has 523 pages in total. This thick book mainly concentrates on the history of the BASE by highlighting at the beginning the fact that Area 51 was originally established to support the U-2 spy plane operated by the CIA in 1955.

Area51 300x271 Area 51 History & Secrets Are Revealed on the book by Annie JacobsenThe author discusses the possible motives of the most powerful men in the world before, during and after the Cold War and ends her discussions about this thing by explaining the role of unmanned drones in saving the lives of U.S. service members in the Middle East and eventually brought them home safe.

Jacobsen points out that there are a lot of secrets in Area 51 which are done by quarantining the information and only a chosen few officials know the big picture. She provides details on the multiple atomic tests which contaminated a large portion of Area 51 by radioactive fallout during “Operation Plumbbob” program in 1957.

The book also gives details on the Manhattan Project and major scientific developments on aircrafts particularly those having a titanium structure which rumored to be used by UFO that crashed on Earth. Jacobsen is apparently done an extensive research on her book that she managed to produce interesting stories on every page of it. (c) 2011

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Controversial Roswell UFO Incident: A Spy Plane According to the Book “Area 51”

The book “Area 51” by Annie Jacobsen caused a stir to the widely known UFO incident in Roswell, New Mexico. The author indicates that the popular UFO that crashed in Roswell is actually a spy plane with creatures on board that were created by a Nazi scientist. The so-called spy plane was allegedly sent by Soviet Premier Josef Stalin.

Area51 300x271 Controversial Roswell UFO Incident: A Spy Plane According to the Book “Area 51”Muscovite Alina Lobzina says she agrees that various things could not be something that we thought of, just like what the book “Area 51” reveals. She likes the idea of a Soviet spy plane sent to frighten the U.S. which many people considered for many years a UFO crashed incident. Nazi doctor Joseph Mengele allegedly engineered the spy plane. Lobzina says that the notion would be interesting to explore.
Many Americans would consider the idea as brilliant but a lot of Russians, such as Lobzina, would like to put the idea within conspiracy theories.

Lobzina refers to the deep Russian tradition and culture in associating conspiracy theories wherein Russian superstition is a big portion of the culture.
That reason could be one thing there are acts of restricting expression and open debate in Russia. Nikolai Petrov of a think-tank Moscow-based Carnegie Center stresses that any conspiracy theory would love to be in a situation where there are no public politics and public discussions being carried out. He explains that if there is no discussion with the public, there are various possibilities to give details on the issue. He concludes that this is the reason why conspiracy theories are so popular in Russia.
One example of a conspiracy theory was in 2010 where Poland President Lech Kaczynski together with 95 other people including his wife went to Russia for the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre, a terror incident in which Russian leader Joseph Stalin’s secret police killed thousands of polish officers.

The Kremlin supposedly to make official apology for the massacre but the plane carrying the Polish president was crashed and nobody survived including the president. Conspiracy theories were conveyed to give explanation on the crash. The theories were gaining acceptance from the public as Russian officials put the blamed to the Poles for the crash as they took their favorable time to reveal the findings of the investigation with the capital and largest city of Poland, Warsaw.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev talked about the conspiracy theorists on his year ender television interview, stating Russians should not make politics involved the situation. He suggested that it is essential to consider all points of view and take the conclusions of internal investigation of Russia about the crash. He also stressed later on the same interview that many Russians are unwilling to confide for a reason since the totalitarian traditions of the nation are so deep and it needs a long period of time to get rid of them.
The theory of the book “Area 51” regarding the so-called Roswell UFO incident could be yours to consider and examine. (c) 2011

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