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New Gigantic Hangar in Area 51 Shows On New Panoramic Images

area 51 hangar New Gigantic Hangar in Area 51 Shows On New Panoramic Images

High-resolution panoramas have created new interest anew about the highly secretive Area 51. The hangar is estimated to be between 70 and 90 feet tall. Many wonders why the USAF created a hangar this tall that can house a jumbo jet. Perhaps for the unknown projects that involve massive jets. It is very likely that the tenant of the newly built remote hangar facility is some kind of mothership or parasite craft.

The mothership-parasite approach is not new for Area 51 as the DoD is trying to achieve that goal since the 1960s from motherships capable of launching hypersonic spy drones to aircraft capable of handling space planes. However, no program yet for this approach has been fully successful.

One of the hindrances encountered in developing parasitic aircraft is the limited budget to develop motherships and parasite vehicles. Other ways of getting image in the battlefield already existed, allowing military to spy into orbit and strike massively into enemy territory. This can be done without developing expensive super planes and their associated motherships.

However, DoD seems not giving up to develop motherships and parasite vehicles with multiple technologies related to the concept being developed in the military world. Just recently, the Army test launched its Advanced Hypersonic Weapon but it blew up shortly after launching in Alaska. Even China has been putting hypersonic technologies in the spotlight.

The development of a new hangar at the remote location of Area 51 may be due to the special fuels, which require unique handling. These fuels might be needed not just for the mothership but also for parasite payloads. Moreover, a high hangar design may be intended for a crane system that is installed to lift and install payload on a low-slung upper spine of a mothership. Lastly, the location would allow fast towing and taxing onto the runway for departure. This would limit the exposure of the activity to spies. However, these are just guesses and no one knows exactly what will live inside of the massive hangar.

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