Area 51 Is Officially Acknowledged But Not UFOs

A report by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has disclosed that over 50 percent of the unidentified flying objects (UFOs) usually witnessed above the ground in the late 1950s and 1960s were US spy planes.

According to a report published by Dayton Daily News, the U-2 and SR-71 spy planes were thought as UFOs over half of the time during Project Blue Book.

David MacDonald, executive director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), said that for sure a lot of the sightings are terrestrial aircraft, classified military projects or whatever terrestrial objects.

The CIA report also officially acknowledged the existence of Area 51, a US airbase known to house extra-terrestrial technology and alien beings.

Area 51 is located in central Nevada, just 90 miles north of Las Vegas. According to the CIA report, the site was used for testing U-2 spy plane. It was chosen to be the site for the testing after the CIA and Air Force staff did a survey.

After World War II people were more concerned of the flying objects they saw in Area 51 because they did not have an idea of what they were.

Historian at National Museum of the US Air Force, Jeffrey Underwood, said that other UFO sightings turned out to be surveillance balloons in the atmosphere of the Earth.

The U-2 often spotted high above airliners in the 1950s because it can fly more than 70,000 feet. The same with SR-71 Blackbird which can fly more than 80,000 feet, according to the recently released CIA report.

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The Mysterious Construction and Disappearance of Pyramids In Antarctic and Area 51

A YouTube video titled “What’s Going On In Antarctic” has been making rounds in social networking sites, which offers an interesting tour of the bases on Antarctica. It gives idea to the viewers about the amount of science performed in there. The most interesting part for most UFO or extra-terrestrial enthusiasts could be towards the end of the video wherein pyramid at the Palmer Station is being shown. The pyramid is very interesting especially it was constructed away from the eyes of the public.

However, the location of the pyramid is no longer in Google Earth. So what happen to the pyramid? Was it manipulated by hoaxers?

A couple of days after the news about the pyramid in Antarctica came out, another article about pyramid surfaced but this time in Area 51. This was again not known by the public before until it was found out in Google Map. It was a 3 sided pyramid that looked like a phased array radar. The catch about this pyramid is that it was very similar to the one discovered in Antarctica. However, the pyramid in Area 51 can’t be found anymore in the coordinate indicated in several reports.

Several reports speculated that the picture taken by Google Map showing the pyramid was a fake one. But experts say that it is very clear that the supposed location of the pyramid has traces of alterations in Google Map, meaning that the pyramid has been purposely hidden.

area 51 pyramids

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Area 51 Experimental Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Kingman, Arizona 10-June-2013

It’s rare that a story like this falls in your lap but when it does it’s always nice. This was awesome to see this take place but now the question of where did it come from and where did it go are looming over us and also why was this plane here This top secret test plane was dead silent, I think they were testing some type of silent propulsion. Everyone I have called is denying this planes existence, Military Bases, FAA, DHS, Local ATC, Law Enforcement so what’s the real story behind this plane.

Silent Triangle going to same location night before this incident

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Some Basic Information About Area 51

Area 51, located in the southern Nevada in western U.S., is the country’s secret military base in which the government alternatively deny and acknowledge its existence until the 1990s.

There are have been rumours about the UFOs’ wreckage and the dead body of aliens from the UFO crashes that are keep in Area 51 and that scientists have been doing reverse engineering of alien technology.

The name Area 51 has its own several theories as well. The most famous one is the fact that Area 51 borders the Nevada Test Site (NTS). NTS was used by the AEC as testing grounds for nuclear bombs. It is mapped as a grid of squares with 0-30 numbers. Though the military facility is not part of the grid, Area 51 borders Area 15.

Conspiracy theory believers think that transposing the 1 and 5 of its neighbour is the origin of the name Area 51. Another theory also insisting that number 51 was selected because it will not be likely utilized in the future as part of the NTS.

area 51Here are some things about Area 51:

  • The Extra-terrestrial Belief

Many believe that the U.S. has captured aliens travelling using their UFOs. What is catchy about this thing is that scientists at Area 51 are believed to have reverse engineered alien spaceships to develop the iPhone and the iPad.

  • The Vicinity

Area 51 is on a large area of land, so huge that no one can even think that it is an active military base. Many reported that it is half the size of the entire Switzerland but it was never confirmed by the media because journalists are not allowed to enter the base.

But based on the satellite images, it can be seen that the Area 51 is so large.

  • The area is under extreme monitoring

The area is heavily guarded by camouflaged guards. It is known that they do not hesitate to shoot down anyone if he/she makes suspicious move. It is also believe that Area 51 has motion sensors that could even detect human sweat. It can also detect presence of human as far as 20 kilometres.

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Spherical UFO Sighting Near Area 51

An unidentified flying object (UFO) near the controversial Area 51 was captured in camera as Nevada resident managed to photograph the strange event. Alien skeptics and believers have been arguing for many years about real activities in Area 51 whether aliens or alien technologies have been studied or just a usual research for advanced military equipment.

An unnamed witness reported a UFO sighting to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) claiming to notice a bright sphere hovering above a desert in Alamo. The sighting was happened on September 29 and was filed on December 30 in MUFON.

The UFO report was supported by a photo.

According to the report, there was no activity of flying aircraft out of Nellis AFB or Groom Lake in the day of the event. Behind the mountains is Area 51 and the sun was behind the person who took the picture of the UFO as determined by the shadows on the ground in the image.

Area 51, UFOs, and Aliens

There have been so many rumours for many decades on the real activities in Area 51. The highly guarded military base has been associated with experimental spaceships, aliens, time travel explorations and among other things related to the existence of advanced aliens and technologies. The most popular alien story connected with Area 51 is the alleged UFO crash in Roswell, NM in 1947.

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Flying saucer photographed over Area 51 – November 2012

These interesting photos of a solid metallic UFO over Area 51 in Nevada were taken on November 8, 2012.

Here’s the witness report: As a small group of tourists we had just left Rachel Nevada (Lil Ale’in) and stopped at the black mailbox en route to the Area 51 entrance. Earlier in the day we saw a helicopter in the area and two people in our group insisted that we were being followed by another man in a blue car. While we were doing our tourist thing at the black mail box, one of the group members shouted something that caused all of us to turn around. Two or three people began snapping photo’s of a shiny object in the sky. It hovered for a few seconds, seemed to move back and forth in different directions and after 30 seconds or so took off in an incredible speed. I could not hear noise coming from the object but it certainly freaked me out. Obviously, everyone was pretty excited, but strangely enough one lady in our group from Germany got physically ill almost immediately after the sighting. When we got to the entrance to area 51 she got diarrhea directly in view of the men in the white truck that sit on the hill. I thought you should have these pictures but I really don’t want any publicity. I can assure you of one thing…I will never go back to Area 51.

Source: LUFOS: New daytime photos of UFO over Area 51, Nevada

Area 51 flying saucer


flying saucer

UFO Area 51
Click on the photos to enlarge!

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