Area 51 Declassified, 2011

New National Geographic series When Aliens Attack, this first episode is called Area 51 Declassified, about the most in-famous government installation in the world which doesn’t exist officialy.

Interesting documentary about the Area 51, a site for covert Cold War operations and underground tunnels where the military is hidding extraterrestrials crafts (UFOs) and alien bodies! This aired on May 22, 2011.

It starts playing with the last part (of 3) so choose the first part (on the right)

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Inside Area 51

FOX TV report about called inside Area 51 about America’s most top secret government facility. Is there hidden the unexplained?

Many UFO conspiracy believe that inside this high secured military zone the US government is conducting top secret research on alien life forms and space crafts. Was the flying saucer from 1947 Roswell crash the beginning of the government cover-up?
Over the years a few of the air force personnel involved in the incident came forward and said despite the official government denials they believe it really was a flying saucer or disc that crashed in Roswell and also the bodies of space aliens were recovered from the site and that’s were Area 51 comes in.

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Area 51 Revealed

History Channel documentary from UFO Hunters about Area 51 Revealed.

In this episode you’ll find out more about the history of this infamous secret base near Groom Lake in Nevada’s desert. Compared with the present it’s growing and the security of the perimeter surrounding the area 51 is tighter than ever!

Does the United States government secretly back-ingenering a UFO, are there Aliens from Roswell ’47 crash?

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