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Area 51 Experimental Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Kingman, Arizona 10-June-2013

It’s rare that a story like this falls in your lap but when it does it’s always nice. This was awesome to see this take place but now the question of where did it come from and where did it go are looming over us and also why was this plane here This top secret test plane was dead silent, I think they were testing some type of silent propulsion. Everyone I have called is denying this planes existence, Military Bases, FAA, DHS, Local ATC, Law Enforcement so what’s the real story behind this plane.

Silent Triangle going to same location night before this incident

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New photos of crashed UFO from Area 51?

Youtube user Hibernate2012 recently posted this video about the new Area 51 photos.

His description: A friend has sent me this photo, “INSIDE AREA 51 – UFO CRASH PARTS”
It is a disk on a truck loading area in a building. I received the picture in black and white.
With an editing program I have the color changed to negatiev, more contrast, gama and automatic colorized.
Is this a picture of the crashed roswell UFO from 1947?
I’ve never seen this photo before!

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Area 51 radar anomalies and UFO filmed in Nevada 2-Dec-2011

Nevada UFO Area 51 radar anomalies and UFO filmed in Nevada  2 Dec 2011This video was sent to us by an amature videographer and astronomer in Nevada. The object in question looks to have 3 visible parts, and clearly changes it’s shape, which can be seen on the larger part of the UFO. It was reported to have sat in the sky for some time, and looks very large in size from the vantage point of the camera man. If you’ll notice, this craft looks VERY similar to one filmed years ago that had similar color and irregular shape. It was said also that the radios in the area were experiencing static within 10 miles of the craft. This is an amazing find and we are appealing to UFO analysts for help in identification if any. We will post more details about this as we get them. We are currently speaking with the person who shot this, and what other footage he may also have. Stay tuned.
Sheilaaliens (Youtube)

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Daytime UFO over Area 51, Groom Lake

This interesting daytime video of strange UFO above Area 51 facility in Groom Lake was recorded on 23rd June 2009.

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