Flying saucer photographed over Area 51 – November 2012

These interesting photos of a solid metallic UFO over Area 51 in Nevada were taken on November 8, 2012.

Here’s the witness report: As a small group of tourists we had just left Rachel Nevada (Lil Ale’in) and stopped at the black mailbox en route to the Area 51 entrance. Earlier in the day we saw a helicopter in the area and two people in our group insisted that we were being followed by another man in a blue car. While we were doing our tourist thing at the black mail box, one of the group members shouted something that caused all of us to turn around. Two or three people began snapping photo’s of a shiny object in the sky. It hovered for a few seconds, seemed to move back and forth in different directions and after 30 seconds or so took off in an incredible speed. I could not hear noise coming from the object but it certainly freaked me out. Obviously, everyone was pretty excited, but strangely enough one lady in our group from Germany got physically ill almost immediately after the sighting. When we got to the entrance to area 51 she got diarrhea directly in view of the men in the white truck that sit on the hill. I thought you should have these pictures but I really don’t want any publicity. I can assure you of one thing…I will never go back to Area 51.

Source: LUFOS: New daytime photos of UFO over Area 51, Nevada

Area 51 UFO 1 Flying saucer photographed over Area 51   November 2012


Area 51 UFO 2 Flying saucer photographed over Area 51   November 2012

Area 51 UFO 3 Flying saucer photographed over Area 51   November 2012
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  • Dragos Corneliu (sunshine) Says:

    you could build with utrasounds food for aliens if is need too and build atmosferic conditions on MOON or MARS with ultrasounds

    in romanian language you could : sudura din alte materiale chimice si destructurarea unor materiale si construirea altora cu laser de exemplu si ultrasunete

    intrebati (ask) Lusiana to translate to you Lusiana is my cousin she work for USA somehow

    Georgescu Dragos Corneliu
    Republicii 197 bloc 5 c 1 ap2
    forget information from Nicolau is hunted because he done bad things wichi can prove it
    and i am not an alien i can do new stuff and could read some people same aliens too ask NORAD

    Posted on March 17th, 2013 at 5:57 pm Reply | Quote
  • Dragos Corneliu (sunshine) Says:

    Aliens are with no Hair because of Uranium. The structures of theyr bodies is afected in time because those kind of toxic Uranium or ather materials. They could build not to destroy thats NORAD do not know: exchange of informations like this. They have research activities but aliens do not know too much about that. The ierarhic scales and vehicules are like ierarhic scales on EARTH. they think : good and bad in all Univers is the same ecuation Good and Bad. The sistem of values is different but you can be in theyr shoos to have answers.

    sooner or latter if they came it could be peace …they are afriad if they came like uss.

    Posted on March 17th, 2013 at 6:05 pm Reply | Quote
  • Austin Alien Says:

    It’s probably the TR-3B. It is a kind-of-secret triangular aircraft from area 51 that can hover and reach amazing speeds. You can look at pictures on the internet of this spaceship and see if it’s the right one.

    Posted on April 11th, 2013 at 2:04 am Reply | Quote
  • vikas Says:

    aliens does not exist. pratically it is not possib

    Posted on May 11th, 2013 at 7:08 pm Reply | Quote

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