Area 51 in Nevada – The Facts VS Fiction

Area 51 stands somewhere in between in regard to what are truthful and what is only a myth. Both the government has issued statements and have declassified information that could be seen as a proof for operations happening without the knowledge of the public at large. But first a brief history lesson about the spark that ignited the speculation and has brought Area 51 to its current status.

Area 51 Area 51 in Nevada   The Facts VS FictionThe Nevada area, to be called Area 51 only later on, was a site used, as many other Nevada areas – for the testing of atomic bombs. Whether or not it was just a test, or actually an unidentified flying object – the truth is that in July 1947 – a shiny and circular disc was seen in the Roswell area, New Mexico. This initially was reported as an unknown object later to be stated that it was a weather balloon. Nevertheless, the press told stories of remains of the fallen ship being carried away to the current Area 51 Zone for analysis. And this is how the myth began.

On the other hand, within the fake Area 51 documents and many of the declarations and interviews with real or fake ex-employees, the truth is indeed that there were installations in place in Nevada. Of course, the magnitude and purpose that the press has speculated they had, had little to o with the reality of it all. Most certainly, the Pentagon used the area for experiments concerning nuclear detonation, the reason why the area was not accessible and why it was guarded so strictly.

As always, the 50’s but mostly 60s and 70s have seen a wide deal of speculation and the government had to admit to certain operations just to temper public opinion. But, in the end, the reality is much simpler and much more mundane – but people like to take it a step further and embellish it – which leads to celebrity and creates a worldwide known myth.

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