The Mystery of Area 51

Area 51 is a known military base in which aircrafts were built and tested. But many people were speculated about the paranormal mystery and secret of area 51 which stroked the curiosity of individuals about Extraterrestrial communications done by the site.

It is known in a fact that Area 51 is a place where Aircrafts were built and tested. The government published a Law for restricting the area for secrecy purpose to avoid leakage on new aircrafts built. But some people had wondered if that is the only reason for restricting the area. According to some reports, there is a secret activity where reverse engineering of UFOs happened like testing UFO to go beyond our planet and designing craft based on captured crafts on the galaxy.

For many years, the US Government has been denying the said accusations even there were Soviet pictures confirmed. Employees who are part of Area 51’s secrecy are assigned to an unmarked base, Boeing 737. It was referred as the dream land for its advanced science that sooner or later it could go beyond our planet or even our solar system. They say that the base exists where designed U-2 spy planes and Stealth Technology were built and tested. USAF takes command of the site.

Area 513 The Mystery of Area 51The area is highly off-limit and they observe restriction for unauthorized person in which people have been wondering of its tightly guarded facility. Most of them have been wondering why do they highly limiting the Area 51? There must be a secret manoeuvres inside. Many pictures about the amazing manoeuvre where refracted and the Government till now is denying about it. There were also articles showing dead aliens and modernized spacecraft shown but still the Government do not claim these paranormal evidences.

Here is the list of Area 51 timeline:

  • April, 1955: Groom Lake is chosen as a test site for the U-2.
  • July, 1955: Area 51 is finished, and the first U-2 was shipped on July 23.
  • June 20, 1958: 38,400 acres are withdrawn to create a security perimeter.
  • November, 1958: A-12 was shipped to Area 51.
  • January, 1962: Existing restricted airspace is expanded.
  • 1965: The base population reaches over 1800.
  • November, 1977: The F117 prototype is shipped to Area 51.
  • May, 1981: The first production of the F117 is airlifted to Area 51.
  • 1984: Nearly 89,000 acres of land is seized to push the border of restricted land far from the base.
  • July 17, 1988: A soviet spy satellite takes a photo of Area 51 which is released “Popular Science,” and other publications.
  • April 10, 1995: Freedom Ridge and Whiteside’s peak are taken from public access.

Area 51 workers were bared to Jet fuel toxins during 70’s and 80’s, old computer parts were burned in trenches. They were allowed to wear protection up to the waist while mixing the burned computer parts with other materials. In this activity, there was a report of death caused by a vapour from mixed materials. Robert Frost filed a lawsuit against the government after the death of his wife from inhaling the poisonous vapour in 1996 but the case was dismissed. The base was an exception from any environmental laws. Recently, President Bush resigned the Executive Order of exempting the Area 51 from any environmental violations or hazardous accusations.

The Nellis Range Complex near the Groom Dry Lake was acknowledged by the USAF from its existence for many years now. There are many activities inside the complex, and some are classified while others are still a mystery. The complex is used for testing technologies and system training for U.S. military forces for the advancement and effectives of United State’s security. From past to present, some activities and operation performed in the complex are still classified but cannot be discussed as it was ordered.

On September 18, 2002, Bush reissued the conservation of Nevada site remains secret.

On that day, lawyers, theorists and UFO enthusiast were trying to investigate the mystery of Groom Lake. They called it the “X-files”. But the government never allows anyone to review the X-files until the disclosure of any information about the site.

It was stated on a popular theory that Area 51 conducted studies about alien spaceships and preserve captured unidentified flying objects for autopsy purposes in Area 51 underground bases.

Every September 18, Bush signed the order for Area 51’s conservation against lawyers who tried to claim violations against environmental concerns.

Many workers claimed injuries due to hazardous practices performed in the site which was the beginning of knowing the existence of Area 51 on the mid 1990’s.

“Area 51 is for testing technologies and systems training for operations critical to the effectiveness of U.S. military forces and the security of the United States…specific activities and operations … both past and present, remain classified and cannot be discussed.” As clarified by Air Force since before until present.

Ever since, government lawyers have been denying the accusations. They have understood that the government protects the privacy of Area 51 ever since to avoid complains from concern citizens from its hazardous practices and may also lead for Are 51 to shut down.

“The truth is out there.” as stated by Agent Mulder (c) 2011

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