Major Disclosure On S4: Associated With Alleged Government Cover Up on Area 51

Without doubt, one of the most popular men linked with S4 (Sector – 4) is physicist Bob Lazar. Robert Scott Lazar, born in 1959 in Coral Gables, Florida, is a name several people relate with alien spaceship reverse engineering. This is because of the fact that he claims to have been working at a complex acknowledged as “S-4″ deep within the now dried out Papoose lake bed from 1988 till 1989 as a physicist at a zone known as S-4 (Sector Four), situated close to Groom Lake, Nevada, next to Area 51.

bob lazar Major Disclosure On S4: Associated With Alleged Government Cover Up on Area 51As per Lazar, S-4 functioned as an undetectable military area for the research of and perhaps reverse engineering extraterrestrial flying disks. Lazar claims he found nine various discs there and gives information on their mode of propulsion.

Bob described the complex, near Area 51, as having being created into the bottom part of the Papoose Range with nine aircraft style hangar doors angled at 60 degrees. Lazar detailed the space craft that he worked on as being powered (power supply called “Element 115″) via an anti-matter reactor. Bob Lazar’s major scientific disclosure was the presence of a dependable isotope of Element 115, which is necessary for the craft’s antimatter reactor. At the time when Bob Lazar first talked with George Knapp on Coast to Coast (1989) AM under the cover-name “Dennis”, Science had not yet identified Element 115.

Bob Lazar mentioned that the “Sport Model” Flying Disc increased the “Strong Nuclear Force” of Element 115 (UnUnPentium or UUP) to produce the gravity area for “Space-Time Compression.” Bob also said that the U.S. Government had 500 lbs. of Element 115 in their control.

The raw Element 115 was initially provided to the U.S. Government at S4 by the Reticulan EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) in disc-like forms. The scientists at S4 delivered the Element 115 discs via Groom Lake (next to Area 51) to Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, to be milled for utilization in the Anti-Matter Reactor.

The Los Alamos staffs were told it was a unique type of armor. They just followed directives, milled it according to what had ordered, and delivered it back to Groom Lake.

Definitely Bob Lazar and alien spacecraft reverse engineering go as one well in terms of conspiracy theories but, given the details to back up his work at the U.S. base a few areas of his claims certainly stack up. People began to become a little skeptical of his claims when it appeared that his educational background did not stand up to analysis. No substantiated data could be established that he had attended the California Institute of Technology or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as he had earlier claimed. (c) 2011

s4 Major Disclosure On S4: Associated With Alleged Government Cover Up on Area 51

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