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What do the names Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, and Groom Lake have in common? The fact that they are several of the alternative names for the famous military facility known as Area 51 . It is a remote detachment of the Edwards Air Force Base and is located in southern Nevada and claims part of Nevada’s Groom Lake. The purpose of this airfield is not to deploy front line units, as is the purpose of most airfields, but is instead meant for testing airborne vehicles that are still being developed. Among those airplanes that have been tested is the U-2 spy plane and a prototype of the F-117 Nighthawk.

u2 spyplane 300x224 Area 51The reason Area 51 is so well known to the public at large, is that it is very closely tied with UFO sightings. The ties have become so close that Area 51 has become synonymous with conspiracies involving aliens. The fact that it is hardly acknowledged by the government and that so much effort is used to keep the public and most military personnel from knowing virtually anything about it also adds to the mystery.

One of the only acknowledgements that Area 51 gets from the government, though it is only refereed to as “the Air Force’s Operating Location Near Groom Lake, Nevada,” is the governments issuing of a determination that keeps the airfield free of environmental codes. This action came about because of a lawsuit filed after the burning of chemicals that lead to medical issues. The lawsuit claimed that toxic chemicals had been illegally handled by those in charge at Area 51 .

There was also a situation where astronauts in Skylab 4 had photographed an area that a memo claimed they were given specific instructions not to photograph. While the part of the memo that specified the area was redacted, many feel that it is Area 51 because of the great deal of secrecy surrounding it.

There are a large range of beliefs about what goes on at Area 51 , most of which include Unidentified Flying Objects and Extraterrestrial beings. One of the biggest being that UFOs and aliens from the Roswell crash site were taken to Area 51 so that the aliens could be studied andarea 51 300x224 Area 51 the UFOs could be reverse-engineered. It is believed that other UFOs and aliens have been taken there to be studied as well. There is also thought that the government developing energy weapons based on alien technology, development of time travel technology, weather control technology, alien propulsion systems that may tie into the Aurora Project, teleportation technology, or that a one world government is in operation in the underground of Area 51 .

Another government facility that is thought to work with reverse engineering UFOs and Extraterrestrial technology is S-4 (or Sector 4). Located near Area 51 , it is less well known and also kept tightly under wraps. One man, Robert Scott Lazar, was a physicist that worked in S-4. He is the one that proclaimed they were reverse-engineering UFO technology there. He claimed, during an interview that was his second appearance into the news, that at first he believed the air crafts he was looking at were terrestrial, but eventually came to the conclusion that they were extraterrestrial.

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