Faith Leader Believes Unveiling Area 51 and UFO From Secrecy Would Avert Chastisement and Destruction

President Barack Obama should open Area 51, a government property known for aliens and UFO conspiracy theories. This was a strong statement by Minister Louis Farrakhan during his last installment of a sermon series “Time and What Must Be Done.”
He urged Obama to call scientists and open up Area 51 to them and to the world. He explained that America is the leader in which Allah God has raised and made powerful. He said that God may make himself known through President Barack Obama.
Calling the scientists to Area 51 would make them discover the presence of God and eventually correct and heal the wrongs of the earth, said the Nation of Islam leader.
Farrakhan believes that Obama doesn’t know about the shadow government, a coalition apparently controlled by elite people in earth and kept UFOs and Area 51 secret to the world. According Farrakhan, shadow government will be put in danger of being exposed if Obama allows the scientists to explore Area 51.
The faith leader said that the secretive government force has been responsible for hiding the truth from American presidents and the public for many decades. He pointed out that among the hidden truth is The Mother Wheel, a huge spacecraft that Farrakhan believes stays in orbit and will eventually rescue the disciples of Nation of Islam from earth. Farrakhan warned America of destruction and chaos if the truth is continued to be contained.

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U.S. President Barack Obama Acknowledges Area 51 Publicly

In a special occasion that usually filled with glitz and glamour, U.S. President Obama became the first commander in chief of the country to mention “Area 51” in public. Shirley McLaine was one of the honourees at the Kennedy Center. While she is known for her acting career, it is not a secret that she has interest in paranormal including UFOs. Obama threw a joke to MacLaine by saying that people always ask the president about the real activity in Area 51 and when he wanted to know, he called Shirley MacLaine.
It drew laughter in the crowd and after a short pause, Obama continued saying that what he just said made him the first president to ever publicly mention Area 51.
The video of the president’s comments on Area 51 can be seen in YouTube.
Area 51 is not new among UFO and extra-terrestrial enthusiasts as the place first came out many decades ago but the government only mentioned it last August 2013 in declassified CIA documents. The documents were released as the response to the Freedom of Information Act request, submitted by Jeffery T. Richelson of the National Security Archives.
As confirmed by Richelson, Obama was the first U.S. president to mention the phrase “Area 51” to the public. Past presidents only signed waivers referring to Groom Lake’s Air Force Activity.

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Son of an Area 51 Technician

Paul H. Utz talks about his father, Paul A. Utz, who worked as a high-level engineer in Area 51 and had a “Q” clearance. His father had always claimed that he was an Optical Engineer working in Area 51, but on a meeting outside the US he told his son that he was actually working on a new kind of energy source. This testimony is included, in part, to show the devastating effects of secrecy on individuals and their families.

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CBS News Explores Area 51 And UFO Conspiracies

Brad Meltzer new book investigates mysteries and conspiracy theories on UFO’s & Area 51 and many other very interesting conspiracies. His new book, History Decoded is discussed with “CBS This Morning” co-hosts and he talks about a few of his favorites, including UFO sightings, and the life of John Wilkes Booth.

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Area 51 Is Officially Acknowledged But Not UFOs

A report by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has disclosed that over 50 percent of the unidentified flying objects (UFOs) usually witnessed above the ground in the late 1950s and 1960s were US spy planes.

According to a report published by Dayton Daily News, the U-2 and SR-71 spy planes were thought as UFOs over half of the time during Project Blue Book.

David MacDonald, executive director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), said that for sure a lot of the sightings are terrestrial aircraft, classified military projects or whatever terrestrial objects.

The CIA report also officially acknowledged the existence of Area 51, a US airbase known to house extra-terrestrial technology and alien beings.

Area 51 is located in central Nevada, just 90 miles north of Las Vegas. According to the CIA report, the site was used for testing U-2 spy plane. It was chosen to be the site for the testing after the CIA and Air Force staff did a survey.

After World War II people were more concerned of the flying objects they saw in Area 51 because they did not have an idea of what they were.

Historian at National Museum of the US Air Force, Jeffrey Underwood, said that other UFO sightings turned out to be surveillance balloons in the atmosphere of the Earth.

The U-2 often spotted high above airliners in the 1950s because it can fly more than 70,000 feet. The same with SR-71 Blackbird which can fly more than 80,000 feet, according to the recently released CIA report.

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The Mysterious Construction and Disappearance of Pyramids In Antarctic and Area 51

A YouTube video titled “What’s Going On In Antarctic” has been making rounds in social networking sites, which offers an interesting tour of the bases on Antarctica. It gives idea to the viewers about the amount of science performed in there. The most interesting part for most UFO or extra-terrestrial enthusiasts could be towards the end of the video wherein pyramid at the Palmer Station is being shown. The pyramid is very interesting especially it was constructed away from the eyes of the public.

However, the location of the pyramid is no longer in Google Earth. So what happen to the pyramid? Was it manipulated by hoaxers?

A couple of days after the news about the pyramid in Antarctica came out, another article about pyramid surfaced but this time in Area 51. This was again not known by the public before until it was found out in Google Map. It was a 3 sided pyramid that looked like a phased array radar. The catch about this pyramid is that it was very similar to the one discovered in Antarctica. However, the pyramid in Area 51 can’t be found anymore in the coordinate indicated in several reports.

Several reports speculated that the picture taken by Google Map showing the pyramid was a fake one. But experts say that it is very clear that the supposed location of the pyramid has traces of alterations in Google Map, meaning that the pyramid has been purposely hidden.

area 51 pyramid The Mysterious Construction and Disappearance of Pyramids In Antarctic and Area 51

Antarctic pyramid The Mysterious Construction and Disappearance of Pyramids In Antarctic and Area 51

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